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 Lestrade's Blog

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Greg Lestrade
Greg Lestrade

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PostSubject: Lestrade's Blog   Lestrade's Blog EmptyTue Jan 21, 2014 6:50 am

First Post...

Well, you will never believe it if I told you so. I have a blog. John had it set up for me ages ago, not that I wanted to use it, I mean it was a kind offer…But what do you need a blog for in this day and age where everything is on phones? That reminds me, Moriarty hacked my phone ages ago, only got it changed yesterday as I have being using the office phone for a few months.

Cases aren't bad, piling up. Sally's no help, neither is Anderson…I might pass most of them off to Sherlock, stop him from being bored.

Here come's a reporter, looking for the scoop on Jim Moriarty…Oh, not my division? To be honest, I don't really count as Sherlock's friend, he doesn't seem to be very interested, too busy in his arithmetic's or whatnot trying to solve the crime. Saying that however, I still depend on him to really get those tough cases done.

They say that I'm the best of Scotland Yard but take one look over my shoulder, they'd rather get him involved...

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Lestrade's Blog
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