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 Kelvin Westfield

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Kelvin Westfield

Kelvin Westfield

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Kelvin Lazarus Westfield
"One Truth Prevails"
Kelvin Westfield Gambino_1

Nickname/s: Boy Detective
Age: 18
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Occupation: Student/Writer/Detective
Accommodation: S. Conan School Dorms

Personality: Kelvin has always been an alright person. He was always laid back and neutral in his emotions. He's never tried to be arrogant or mean to anybody, although a certain type of person can bring out his bad side. When he is solving something, he can seem like a jerk, only because ninety percent of the time he knows he is right in his deductions. Apart from that, Kel always has his friends, and family best interests in mind. He is a very sarcastic, and wise cracking guy. Like mentioned before, he is very confident in himself in every way, people mistake it for him being arrogant, but he doesn't think he's arrogant at all (except in sports). He is also a bit nerdy in a way, getting excellent marks, and being a huge video game addict.

Other attributes/skills: High deductive skills. Basketball and football(soccer) skills, good at martial arts, knows three languages, and musically gifted.

History: Born in Nigeria, Kelvin Westfield was adopted by an Ex-Scotland Yard genius whom was determined to make Kelvin his star apprentice. After leaving Nigeria at the age of five, just as a kid, his adoptive parents (Michael and Cheryl Westfield) already knew he had sort of a gift. Kel was very gifted in music, already being able to perfectly mimic his brother on the Piano while playing the Moonlight Sonata. As he grew up in age, much to the rest of the family's dismay, Michael Westfield stopped being more of a father to Kelvin and his brother Bryan, and more of a master and teacher. He spent from the time they were seven to the next eight years of their life teaching them everything they needed to know to become great detectives. Kelvin had already had a knack for pointing out clues that nobody else saw, but thanks to his father he knew how to put them together to get an answer. That's what the first three years where wasted on. Kelvin and Bryan would come back to school, to see that their father had already planned out scenarios for them, and in the span of four hours Kelvin and his brother would have to solve the scenario, do their homework, eat and go to bed. Resulting in them having no social lives.

At the age of 10, Kelvin's father had decided that his deductive skills where above the level of a Scotland Yard detective. So using his money, they started a detective agency, which resulted in Kel being known as a prodigal boy detective around London. Which Kelvin did not really enjoy. Of course, he loved the skills he had honed, but hated the attention and not actually having a real father, just being used as a experiment. But too late. To help with his detective work, his father also taught him martial arts that a boy would not really need, learning Parkour to escape from situations, jeet kun do to be able to fight hand to hand, melee fighting to be able to fight with weapons, and gun accuracy. But so much time focusing on that, Kelvin failed in school and was kicked out.

Around the age of fifteen, Kel was basically a fully honed detective that according to a few newspapers, could already be a head detective at Scotland Yard. His father had died due to illness, and although Kel was very sad, he didn't act like a person who had just lost a father. More like he acted like a person who lost a friend, or a distant relative. With his father dead, Kelvin was able to focus on other things and was accepted to a prestigious boarding school, both under a sports and music scholarship, while his brother Bryan, also a honed detective, but taking it more seriously had moved to Newcastle to join a police academy.

And for the last two years, Kel has been studying, but not completely neglecting his skills solving an occasional kidnapping or murder case. Although he is not as good now, and is a bit rusty, sometimes missing details to what hardcore detectives would deem obvious. His martial arts skills are still alright, because he is playing basketball and still being athletically active.

RP Example: Kel lied down on his bed at his dorm, in the S. Conan School looking up at the ceiling, tossing a tiny tennis ball up and down continuously, as boredom clouded his mind. He shared the room with two other boys. One boy, Alexander typed something on his laptop, and the third boy Justin was out in the hall chatting up some girl. After a few more seconds of tossing the ball, Kel threw the ball to the ground and jumped up from his bed. "Well, I am too bored." He said to Alexander, looking at what he was doing on the computer. "Jesus, Alex." Kel sighed after he was what Alex was watching. "I'm in the room, man! Get a girlfriend for God sake." The Nigerian born boy said disgusted as he walked out of the room. As he walked out he interrupted Justin talking to his girl, "Don't go in there, Alex is a pervert." He said to Justin, and then he took the skateboard from behind the door.

As Kel walked out of the house, he started texting some friend to see if anyone was up for a walk around the city, maybe to the mall or something. As he texted in the group chat his friends had, he received a text from his adoptive sister Marie. It was a photo of a article on the web. It read 'Boy Detective Solves Serial Killer case in Newcastle'. It also came from a message from his sister 'Remind you of anyone?' Kel had been put in articles like that when he was thirteen. He read the rest of the article-

Sixteen year old Bryan Westfield, brother of the boy who solved a case that Scotland Yard couldn't, yesterday caught the mysterious Greek Killer, who carved the Omega sign into his victims forehead.

Kel couldn't help but smile. He wondered if he was still capable of doing. As he wondered, he heard police sirens, followed police cars going past him. He took his skateboard and followed the police sirens.

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PostSubject: Re: Kelvin Westfield   Kelvin Westfield EmptySat Feb 22, 2014 3:23 pm

This is a good application and I believe that you are approved! Happy RPing !
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Kelvin Westfield
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