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 Suzanne Imbleville

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Suzanne Imbleville

Suzanne Imbleville

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PostSubject: Suzanne Imbleville   Suzanne Imbleville EmptyThu Apr 10, 2014 3:49 am

[Suzanne Imbleville]
["Nothing is untouchable so long as you dare to reach for it"]
[Suzanne Imbleville Tumblr_mzbidsnkcy1s2wf7mo1_500_by_hisohisokate-d7du72j]

Nickname/s: The Blonde Lady, Queen of Diamonds
Age: 32
Sexuality: Bisexual
Occupation: Professional Pianist (cover), Thief
Accommodation: Various Hotel Rooms (Currently in London)


Outgoing: Suzanne can start a  conversation with just about anyone, often being the life of the party. Social interactions are simply second nature, and this ability to connect to others makes it easy for Suzanne to gain others trust and get their guard down.

Confident/Arrogant: Confidence applies to Suzanne in every aspect; whether it’s her talents, intelligence or her body. This confidence allows her to assert herself and get what she wants, despite the situation. Still, this confidence can go too far, and often results in arrogance. Not only can this trait be unattractive, it can lead to Suzanne overestimating her skills in situations she can't win against.

Curious: Suzanne’s curiosity drives a lot of what she does every day. Suzanne constantly researches interesting people and places, and always likes to be in the loop. To Suzanne, keeping tabs and knowing everything she can is extremely important. She can hardly help herself from learning more about those who catch her eye, even if she has to be persistent.

Romantic: Romance is etched into Suzanne’s nature. The thrill of adventure and romantic themes, as well as intimacy, are a bit of an obsession for Suzanne. She likes to flirt with anyone she can; man or woman. Anyone who interests her, temps her to become a little intimate.

Manipulative: Being so outgoing and refined makes it easy for Suzanne to manipulate others. As a child, Suzanne was never told that she couldn’t use people, in fact the parenting style in her house almost encouraged it. Suzanne always wants to get her way, an appreciates using people to get there more efficiently.

Other attributes/skills:
Strong affiliation for mathematics, Piano, Flexibility, Vovinam martial arts, Bilingual (French-native, English-secondary)

Suzanne was born and raised in the south of France, living in a small farm house with her mother and father in the country side. As an only child, Suzanne was her parents little princess, often being spoiled and given what she wanted.Suzanne’s used to be a wealthy adolescent, but her family soon ran into financial trouble and were forced to downgrade their frivolous lifestyle. Still, she couldn’t let go of her lifestyle completely, and made sure to make Suzanne as elegant as possible. She gave her strict piano lessons, and  taught her from a very young age to be poised and have manors in hopes that she would marry a wealthy man. Suzanne could read and measure music effortlessly, and turned out to be quite talented at playing her piano.

It wasn’t until Suzanne started middle school that her parents noticed her extraordinary math skills, as well as her prodigal piano talent. It was then that they decided to try and enroll Suzanne into expensive boarder schools, in hopes that she could go for a fraction of the cost for her abilities. When she was thirteen, Suzanne’s parents plan worked, and she was enrolled in a boarding school for girls in Paris. With her grace and manors, Suzanne instantly made friends with numerous wealthy girls. After she had been enrolled, Suzanne realized that she wasn’t living the luxurious life she thought she was on the farm. She began to envy her friends wealth and jewelry, wanting these things for herself. Feeling hopeless trying to compete with the wealth of her friends, Suzanne started thieving from her friends; and found that she was very talented at it. With her mathematical skill, she was able to estimate how long it would take her friends to catch her in the act, estimate potential lock combinations, and put everything back where it was by the exact angle.

After she went through the educational system, Suzanne had honed both her piano and thieving skills. At first she struggled to know what she wanted to do for the future, but then she came to a realization. Her math, musical, and thieving skills could meld into the perfect combination of work and play. She began playing piano for large events in museums, restaurants and parties in order to get close to expensive items of interest. Once she could slip away, she would use her mathematical skills to gauge distances, angles and combinations needed to make the perfect get away.

RP Example:
The glare that came from the dusty window pane, reflected off the diamond and left tiny specks of light on Suzanne's crisp blue eyes. Giving a smile, her best wishes were confirmed. The diamond was real, and now it was all hers; but not until a knock on the door ruined the moment. Hurriedly, Suzanne shoved the diamond under her seat cushion, and sat back down to look as nonchalant as possible. "Come in!"
It was clear that she was nervous, unable to predict who could be standing behind that door. She bit her lip in anticipation as the door swung open. To her relief, it was a familiar face. With a sigh of relief, she placed a hand on her chest and addressed her guest.
"Oh," giving a nervous smile, she wondered if they knew what she had done, "it's just you."

OOC Name:
How did you find us: I was simply looking up other RP alternatives to my regular site. I've never joined a forum site before; as I usually post to blogs, so I thought this would be a fun, new experience for me.
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Greg Lestrade
Greg Lestrade

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PostSubject: Re: Suzanne Imbleville   Suzanne Imbleville EmptySat Apr 12, 2014 9:33 am

SO sorry! >.< I have been lacking and did not get a notification that there was a new person! But…Welcome to the site! Your character has been approved! Hope to see you RPing soon!
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Suzanne Imbleville
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