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 Theodore F. Gillroy

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Greg Lestrade
Greg Lestrade

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PostSubject: Theodore F. Gillroy   Theodore F. Gillroy EmptyFri May 16, 2014 5:40 pm

[Theodore Fletcher Gillroy]
["I will rain hell down upon you until one of us is dead, and I am really good at raining down hell."]
[Theodore F. Gillroy Jeffrey_Donovan]

Nickname/s: El Diablo, Fletcher (Doesn't like it), Gill (Doesn't like it)
Age: 37
Sexuality: Straight
Occupation: Racetrack owner, part-time Mafia leader
Accommodation: He moves around a lot, doesn't really have a home but he likes staying at posh hotels.

Personality: Theo's personality is a rather odd one, he puts on quite a display of fireworks when he is in business and usually acts how he would like to be remembered, so from time to time, he can surprise people. He's got quite a brutal personality. But when out of business, he is a changed man (almost.) He's laid back, and rather be lounging on the beach in the sun and chatting with some of his 'friends' that he hasn't killed off yet.
Other attributes/skills: He's great with fire and loves to put on a rather good show, distractions and all sorts. But as he had a rather alright upbringing, he was able to pay for Jujitsu lessons and learn how to fight and defend himself. Another thing is that as a mafia leader, he's been trained in many sort of ways to dispose of someone, occasionally having to interrogate or threaten people, so he's become rather good at that.
History: Born in Brisbane, Australia. He had a good upbringing, with both of his sides of the family loving him, or so he thought. One day, he had caught his father having an affair with a woman. At first, Theodore dismissed it. That was when his life became a ball rolling down hill, the mother found out, and soon the whole family knew.

Theodore F. Gillroy Tumblr_msa2t9fd4G1qbubo4o1_500

"Argh! Families!

Theodore F. Gillroy Tumblr_n1y82hcGNI1rz8v4to3_r1_250


Many of them blamed him for starting it, punishing Theo for it. But it didn't deter him from snooping in on them, creating a mask, shaped like the devil and started to pry on his father. His father became paranoid about some 'little devil' following him around, so he moved to London. Theo finished off his education in Australia, he did not like unfinished business, so he hunted down his father, found him with the woman and managed to 'dispose' of them. He then went around town, committing small robberies, in which he was releasing anger. But all the while, sticking with the mask. That was how word spread, soon gaining him the nickname of the devil or 'El Diablo'
Many times, he had looked or employment but soon faced rejection, and bought a racetrack in the countryside, just outside London and set up his legitimate business there.

The reason he became a gang leader was of the connections he had in Australia, they go back to major kids who had moved over to London to join into a 'gang' Theo believed that it would be 'funnier' if they had split the groups into two and attracted less suspicion. He continues to do small robberies and then occasionally murder for hire and most of the time, allows criminals to step upon his turf (the racetrack) to commit small felonies but they have to pay him money and will hunt them down until he gets what he wants.

RP Example: Footsteps bounced off the pavement, he wasn't in North England for no reason, the devil was in business, his sunglasses cover his eyes as his jacket of his suit flapped behind him. It was a mild day, clouds were grey and he was in a relatively good mood, but not enough to let the client go. Theodore could not allow someone to rip him off with a payment, he wore a black suit with a red shirt, his mask not needed for this sort of business. He liked to do things rather formally.


The woman turned around, jumping out of her skin, seeing him standing there, quite relaxed.

"Mr. Gillroy…I didn't---I wasn't expecting you to show up." She chuckled nervously.

But Theo wasn't taking any of it, in one short burst, he had her slammed up against the wall. His eyes boring into hers, no emotion behind them. He wanted to get paid, the rent was due for his horse track and if that fell apart, so did his cover life.

"Of course you weren't expecting me, you thought your business with me has disappeared…but no more, I've come to collect and if you don't deliver…well, let's just say…you won't like it. GIVE. ME. MY. MONEY!"

OOC Name: Maya (But I now prefer to be known as Winchester!)
How did you find us: well…google and I am Greg Lestrade. xD
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Theodore Gillroy

Theodore Gillroy

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PostSubject: Re: Theodore F. Gillroy   Theodore F. Gillroy EmptyFri May 16, 2014 5:55 pm

My charrie by the way!
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James Moriarty
James Moriarty

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PostSubject: Re: Theodore F. Gillroy   Theodore F. Gillroy EmptyFri May 16, 2014 6:15 pm

Excellent application as always. Incorporated into it is good use of language, and sentence structure that is easy to follow. In addition, an in-depth character description has been provided, thus you are accepted! Congratulations on your new Original Character, Winchester!

Theodore is your division.
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Theodore F. Gillroy
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