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 The Reichenbach Rules

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The Reichenbach Rules Empty
PostSubject: The Reichenbach Rules   The Reichenbach Rules EmptySat Jul 13, 2013 5:16 pm


1. Follow basic guidelines (making an application, waiting for acceptance, RP).

2. Do not tell others off if they have made a violation of the rules. Simply report it to staff and we will decide the punishment (ban, kick, kicked for a week, etc). Staff words are final.

3. No abusive behaviour. Abusive behaviour in any form will not be tolerated (this means swearing, religious abuse, sexual abuse, homophobia, bullying, flaming, etc).

4. Only allowed a total of 3 Cannons and as many Original characters you want, however they must post at least twice a week. Failure to post IC once a fortnight will result in your being character put up for adoption.

5. No power play. Characters should not be over powered, however there may be exceptions with an admin's expressed permission.

6. Don't talk OOC when in RP, if you really need to talk then do it by PM or the Plotting page.

7. There is no word count, however we would like you to post at least a full paragraph.

8. Act out your character reasonably. You don't have to be the best Sherlock, you just have to able to act him reasonably.

9. Follow average forumotion rules.

10. Finally, have fun!
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The Reichenbach Rules
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