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 Sebastian Moran

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Sebastian Moran

Sebastian Moran

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PostSubject: Sebastian Moran   Sebastian Moran EmptyWed Oct 08, 2014 11:03 pm

Nickname/s: Moran, Tiger, Colonel
Age: Around mid 40s
Sexuality: Male
Occupation: The right-hand man of James Moriarty
Accommodation: Live-in

Sebastian Moran's picture will be in the dictionary if you'd look up the word: 'Loyal'
Sadly for everyone else in this pitiful world he's only loyal to one person. James Moriarty.
Sebastian has literally killed for him as well as protected him.
He's most happy when helping his boss and loves cleaning his guns between the times of entertaining Moriarty.
Moran can get protective about things fairly quickly which mind end up bad for the other person.

Other Attributes/Skills:
Greatest sniper in whole Britain. Good follower for his boss.
Sherlock Holmes described him as the "second most dangerous man in London."

Sebastian Moran has been in the army for quite some years. Knowing most of all the recruits to help with their training he's come to know many 'interesting' people. People that were pretty unlucky later in life.
Sebastian Moran got as far as being Colonel Moran
Moran was send back to London without any good reasons other than the big bosses getting afraid of his unpredictableness.
He didn't bring any of his honour medals back forprivate reasons, such as finding out he liked the shooting more than the saving.
Luckily before getting too bored in old boring London Sebastian Moran found his new 'boss'. Someone not afraid of him at all. Someone called James Moriarty.

RP Example:

Sebastian sat quietly in the lounge of the hotel he was staying at. His fists crumpling the newspaper he was holding. 'Bloody Sherlock Holmes, dammit!' He thought while throwing the crumbled paper on the coffee table. Sebastian has been staying here and there after that darn guy returned.
"Dead my ass" he grumbled while reaching for his teacup on the sidetable next to his comfortable chair.
"He wish he were if I just had hi-" Moran's anger couldn't let him finish that sentence as he took a bit too big of a gulp of his tea. Groaning he pulled the cup away from his lips, stomping his foot angrily on the marble tiles, as his tongue got burned. The loud screech of his chair as the stomp moved it back got him many side-glances.
Mumbling softer towards himself about all the lucky people here, if he just had his rifle by hand...

His anger wasn't misplaced, as he told himself so many times before.
He had a clear few that day. His rifle towards that Watson's head. His binoculars in his free hand. Oh, didn't his boss look gorgeous when he was evil? Sebastian had even giggled at Holmes' confused face. Well, giggled until the roles reversed.
He should've disobeyed. He could just swifle his rifle around, not towards that hedgehog but towards his pal. But he couldn't. Sebastian Moran couldn't. He couldn't just because he was too stunned. Seeing his boss cornered was the first time he's ever experienced that. And that was it. Right there, right then. The grip on the binoculars fell right before a shot was heard.
And it wasn't the shot that Moran made himself.
His years of military training and being promoted to colonel did all the work for him. His torso turned towards the perfectly laid out rifle. Sebastian bend forward, looking through the visor, even correcting it, eventhough he knew it was perfect as always. Wasting time just to get rid of that weird blurry film over his eyes. Blinking even more, Sebastian convinced himself they were his sweat driplets trickling down his cheeks. Not many, just a few.
His vision cleared up soon enough and his finger expertly laid on the trigger.
Sebastian gritted his teeth as he pulled his finger slowly...
Sebastian moved his finger away absentmindedly, removing John H. Watson from the visor's view. He laid the rifle back down in it's box nicely. All these actions automatically because of that noise.
That ringtone.
Grabbing his mobile phone from his pocket, Sebastian glanced through the window.
The angel has fallen.

Moran's hand moved towards his mobile phone while thinking back about that time.
He unlocked it easily with one hand, glaring slightly towards the stranger, annoyingly hidden by his newspapers, that arrived.
The stranger being the only person daring to come closer, and even sitting around the same coffee table to watch the television he switched on, for the last 2 hours. Only being mildly annoyed at the slight disturbance of the now turned on television playing on the background, Moran turned his attention back to his boss' last text. The text right before the demon returned and the angel had fallen.
'Look up to me.'
Sebastian showed a small smirk he always wore while reading the text. A strange thing to say to someone who'd surely not be going to dear little 'heaven'.
Still, Sebastian's eyes turned upwards though. On their way they got locked onto something different than the ceiling this time.
The television screen buffered, showing some snow before flashing a well known grin. Sebastian's eyes widened just slightly before his brows furrowed. Letting out a big sigh was the first thing he did. Followed right after by the biggest grin he's given in years.
"I guess the fucking throne wasn't good enough for you down there, right boss?"
With a smile around his lips, Sebastian moved the teacup back towards his mouth, sipping slowly as his gaze got lead towards the stranger.
"Didn't suit my suit, Tiger."

OOC Name: Nicole
How did you find us: Google~
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Sebastian Moran
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