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 Jim Moriarty

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James Moriarty
James Moriarty

Title : Consulting Crim
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James Moriarty
"Every fairytale needs a good old-fashioned villain. You need me, or you're nothing."
Jim Moriarty  Jiminacrown

Nickname/s: Jim Moriarty
Age: 35
Sexuality: Bisexual
Occupation: Consulting Criminal
Accommodation: Everywhere

Other attributes/skills: Moriarty ever since a young age, has had the mind of a genius and the heart of a machine. Moriarty has the ability to plan ahead much beyond the capacity of a normal man. With this and his careless nature towards finance, he creates "games" in which his opposer endures pain and misery without end.
History: Jim Moriarty was born the man he was destined to be; unsympathetic, self-motivated and intelligent. It was even during his high school years he made his first murder. Carl Powers was the boy's name. Being misunderstood and unpopular throughout these years, Carl Powers bullied him consistently. To Moriarty there was only a single solution, death. As a reminder of the successful event, he claimed Carl's shoes as a keepsake.

When Moriarty outgrew his adolescence, he became a "Criminal Consultant". The only in the world. Eventually from sponsoring and conducting crimes, he pulled through the ranks of the underworld, making an infamous reputation and a treasury worth of money. However years passed, and his success advanced. It was all too easy, and he was growing bored. As a result, Moriarty searched for an opposer to his reign of terror, and it wasn't long before his eyes fell upon the inquisitive detective and his pet Watson. Sponsoring a serial killer, Moriarty had Sherlock and John assessed in their endurance and intelligence. Both had passed.

In addition to the sponsored killer, Moriarty also consulted the Black Lotus in their endeavour into Britain. However Sherlock and John managed to defeat their plans which strangely Moriarty was happy about for Sherlock was maybe a true genius...

After months planning and pulling strings Moriarty decided to play a little game with Sherlock where he would have to solve cases in a certain amount of time. At the same time Moriarty wanted the lost security codes which Mycroft had asked Sherlock for however Sherlock was to busy looking into the cases he'd given. Though Moriarty did this for fun he also did it for the security codes which he only wanted it to make the English government scared and Sherlock defeated but succeeded in only making the government scared. Sherlock had just barely passed his third test. Thus leading to their little meeting at the pool with a bomb on John and Moriarty menacing with threats. Even for fun he thought to speak through John like the last victims. At that time a call came, Irene Adler with a better and larger opportunity than Sherlock. So left them standing at the pool late at night.

RP Example: Jim Moriarty stood around the fireplace warm and smug. He was in a house he had borrowed...well maybe taken...from a Wood Chopper. Only too bad the mad had gone the same way the wood had... Moriarty grabbed his glass of wine and threw it into the fire, it shattered into thousands of shards making little clashes as it fell into the pit. With that it seemed to come alive, increasing its ferocity until finally, once more, returning to it's previous self. In it he saw himself, easily angered and dangerous. Moriarty stepped closer to the fire and felt the warmth radiate onto his skin. There he crouched down and stared into the fiery abyss.

OOC Name: Chester
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Jim Moriarty
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